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Entrust your legal matters to Gardner & Stevens, the distinguished Lancaster, PA law firm with decades of experience in tackling complex cases. At Gardner & Stevens, we prioritize our clients’ needs and our community above all else.

Our team of highly skilled attorneys can assist you with a variety of services – from family law to estate planning and personal injury while providing unparalleled client service and trusted legal advice.

You can be sure that you are turning to trusted professionals when you need to seek the services of a lawyer – after all these years, we know exactly what needs to be done!

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Benefits of Using Our Lancaster, PA Attorneys

With the Lancaster attorneys at Gardner & Stevens, we pride ourselves on providing personalized legal services to our clients. We offer a range and depth of family law, personal injury, wills and estates and other general practice experience at our Lancaster law firm. This includes cases from business formation to matters like divorce or wills and power of attorney documents. No matter what type of issue arises- no one should face it alone. Let our team of Lancaster attorneys help you find the answers quickly and help you as you navigate uncharted legal territory. When you partner with our Lancaster law firm, we promise the following benefits:
  • Fast responses to all inquiries
  • Confidentiality with all legal matters
  • 100 years of combined legal knowledge among our attorneys
  • Wide range of legal services
  • Attention to detail
  • Convenient locations
  • The right advice at the right time
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Business Law

No matter your business, our business law attorneys have the experience to assist in various business law matters.

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Commercial Litigation

Our litigation lawyers can represent both small and large businesses, whether as the plaintiff or as the defendant. We have handled amounts of controversy from $10,000.00 to over $1 million in both jury and non-jury proceedings.


Our business lawyers can draft contracts and other agreements to protect your best interests, whether it is an agreement of sale for business assets or for the purchase of an entire business or company, employment contracts, non-compete and non disclosure contracts, or real estate agreements. We also provide interpretation of contract language before you sign and when a potential dispute is on the horizon.

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

Our firm routinely advises clients as to the formation of various entities such as corporations and LLCs.


As with corporations and LLCs, our business lawyers can provide legal counsel to established and new partnerships.

Criminal Defense attorney in court

Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience working with clients that have been charged with anything from summary offense to misdemeanors and serious felony charges.

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If you are a first-time DUI offender, a special disposition called the ARD program can drastically reduce or eliminate consequences. We have decades of experience in handling DUI criminal offenses.

License Suspensions

Our criminal defense lawyers have years of experience handling driver’s license matters. You should contact us immediately if you have received any communication indicating that your license may be suspended.

Traffic Violations

Many traffic tickets hold unseen consequences if you are convicted of or plead guilty to the charged offense. In many cases, we can have a traffic ticket reduced to a lesser offense which includes milder sanctions or even no sanctions other than a fine. In some cases, we can even have the charge dismissed.

Attorneys studying general practice law

General Practice

The world of general practice can be wide, which is why the lawyers at Gardner & Stevens pride themselves on being equipped to handle a wide variety of legal issues. Our team of lawyers is happy to offer a variety of legal services.

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We are able to represent you if you are a creditor or debtor and advise you of your rights and how to achieve the best outcome.


Our zoning lawyers can provide our clients with the knowledge needed to address zoning issues, from special exceptions to variances.

Real Estate

Our real estate lawyers handle both residential and commercial real estate transactions. Whether it is purchasing a home or commercial building, transferring a deed, leasing, or selling real estate, we are here to help.


Unemployment compensation cases have become far more prevalent in recent years. Our firm routinely handles cases on behalf of both employees/claimants and employers.

Paramedics talking to a woman after a personal injury

Personal Injury

When it comes to finding experienced personal injury lawyers to help you with your case, look no further than the qualified accident lawyers at Gardner & Stevens.

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Wrongful Death

Few situations compare to the tragedy of losing a loved one due to the negligence or recklessness of someone else. Amidst the grief, surviving family members must face loss of income, as well as loss of other benefits. We will handle the legal aspect of the case while you attend to your family.

Automobile Accidents

A personal injury from an automobile accident can leave an individual or family feeling devastated and alone. Our personal injury lawyers stand up against the insurance companies and help you obtain the full and fair compensation you and your family deserve without the need to travel to a “big city” law firm.

Slip & Fall

Cases involving a slip and fall or trip and fall are typically difficult and complex. We have the experience to handle premises liability cases, including snow and ice, defective steps, defective sidewalks, swimming pools, parking lots, speed bumps, shopping malls, and golf courses.

Dog Bites

Every year, vicious dogs attack and bite innocent children and adults. These cases involve unique complications, from dealing with the homeowner’s insurance carrier to interacting with the local Dog Officer. Our accident attorneys have decades of experience in handling dog bite cases ranging from toddlers to senior citizens.

Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Accidents caused by tractor-trailers, and other commercial vehicles, place the injured person at a disadvantage. Our firm has successfully litigated multi-million dollar recoveries for victims of tractor-trailer and commercial vehicle crashes.

Serious Bodily Injury

The personal injury attorneys at our firm have the experience to handle all types of serious bodily injuries, whether as a result of a motor vehicle accident, slip/trip, fall, dog bite, or other matters arising out of someone else’s negligence.

Motorcycle Accidents

Accidents involving motorcycles require special attention. Our accident lawyers have many years of experience representing injured riders, including successful jury verdicts.

Family Law Attorney with children

Family Law

The family law attorneys at Gardner & Stevens have been serving Lancaster County for decades, helping local residents deal with family-related issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, grandparents’ rights, name changes, adoptions, and much more.

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We have experience from hundreds of cases over many years before both Divorce Masters and Judges litigating cases of divorce, property division/equitable distribution, alimony and Postnuptial Agreements. Our skills and aggressive practice style will enable us to effectively defend your rights and pursue your interests and proves why we are the attorneys family and friends recommend.


Custody litigation is one of the most emotional areas, and perhaps the most important component, of a family law case. Our attorneys have decades of experience before both Custody Conference Officers and Judges litigating cases involving paternity, primary custody, partial custody and visitation, relocation and grandparents’ rights.


Making sure that you receive adequate child support and spousal support is important. If you are paying support, it is equally important to be sure that you are not overpaying. While basic support cases are often simple, complications frequently arise in cases of special needs, self-employment, disability, mortgage deviations and situations involving substantial or shared custody.

Protection from Abuse

The PFA (Protection From Abuse) statute is one of the most used, and unfortunately one of the most abused, laws on the books in the area of family law. Properly utilized, it is intended to protect victims of domestic violence and their children from abusive spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends and family members.

Premarital Agreements

Even if you own property prior to marriage, Pennsylvania law provides that your spouse may acquire an interest in that property after you are married. The only way to protect your assets and yourself is to sign a Premarital Agreement, sometimes known as a Prenuptial Agreement or an Ante-Marital Agreement in advance. We have many years of experience preparing these documents, which will allow us to effectively protect your interests.

Post-Marital Agreements

Post-Marital Agreements (sometimes called Postnuptial Agreements) are a written contract between two spouses that are in the midst or will be in the midst of a divorce action. Most often, such an agreement covers distribution of assets and debts. Our attorneys will give you candid advice as to whether you need a postnuptial agreement, and we will prepare an analysis of your situation to properly advise you of all of your options.


Adopting a child is one of life’s happiest times, but the law has numerous requirements and procedures, including criminal background checks, home studies, various notices and a Hearing in Court, even for an adoption by a step-parent. Agency, inter-state and international adoptions are even more complicated. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to competently guide you through these procedures, allowing you to focus on what is most important—your new family.

Paternity Actions

The law on paternity is ever changing and can be complicated. Having handled many paternity actions in the past, our attorneys are able to explain the law to you and advise you of your options.

Grandparent Rights

Pennsylvania has enacted a statute that specifically sets forth grandparent rights regarding custody. Part of our job is to educate our clients as to what the law is and how it pertains to them. Having represented both grandparents and parents in custody situations, we will advise you of your options and best strategy to achieve your goals.

Name Change

For adult and child name changes, we will be able to answer all of your questions and prepare the documents that are necessary to seek approval of your requested name change.

Older man and woman signing documents for their estate

Estate Practice

Our firm is able to help families and executors make sense of the probate process and to expedite the finalization of estates in a cost-effective manner. Our firm handles all sizes of estate administration from $10,000.00 to multi-million-dollar estates. We handle all steps of the probate process from start to finish.

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Estate Planning and Administration

Our firm is able to help families and executors make sense of the probate process and to expedite the finalization of estates in a cost-effective manner. Our firm handles all sizes of estate administration from under $10,000.00 to multi-million-dollar estates. We handle all steps of the probate process from start to finish.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that is utilized while a person is alive but is unable to act on their own behalf, in cases involving financial, medical and other important decisions. We are here to help advise and appoint POA, so you never have to worry.


A will, also known as a last will and testament, is the primary document utilized to ensure that a person’s final wishes are carried out so that your assets are disbursed pursuant to your specific instructions upon your death. During our consultation, be prepared to discuss who you would like to name as the executor, beneficiaries, guardians, and any other specifics that are unique to your situation.

Living Wills

Living wills, also known as advanced directives, are instructions as to what measures, if any, should be utilized to keep you alive if you are in a terminal condition. Decisions include whether to take advantage of feeding tubes, resuscitation, and other extraordinary measures. These decisions should be made after consultation with your physician, family and attorney.

Asset Protection

Many times people are given incorrect information as to how best to protect their assets. Commercials on television suggest that most people can benefit by preparing asset protection, such as living trusts or other documents to avoid probate and taxes. Many times, these documents can do more harm than good. Questions arise as to whether real estate and other property should be transferred to children, whether outright or in joint names. These transfers often have unintended consequences. We conduct a thorough analysis of clients’ options and cut through the various myths and schemes that exist.


Trusts are a useful tool for the appropriate person. Not everyone needs a trust. However, for those that do, they are an invaluable tool for estate planning and other purposes. Trusts can exist as the result of a Will or they may exist outside of the Will in appropriate situations such as for an incapacitated person or disabled child. We will evaluate your personal circumstances to determine whether a trust is appropriate for you, and if so, what type of trust makes the most sense.

Nursing Home Planning

When a spouse or parent needs to enter a nursing home, it is a difficult time for that person and for the rest of the family. To compound the emotions, certain financial decisions need to take place so that assets can be protected to the maximum extent possible. Our attorneys will meet with you and thoroughly evaluate your needs.


When a loved one has become incapacitated and has not previously made arrangements for someone to handle their affairs, the Court can appoint a guardian on that person’s behalf. We have the experience necessary to guide you through this process, and to then assist the guardian in all aspects of subsequent required annual reporting to the Court.


I highly recommend the law firm if Garner & Stevens! As a victim of another driver who ran a stop sign and crashed headlong into my vehicle ( leaving me with a traumatic brain injury & severe whiplash ) I can honestly say that the process of litigation was quite overwhelming. John Stevens, of Gardner & Stevens, patiently explained the process and listened to my concerns. He and his team did an excellent job of compiling thousands of pages of my medical records, along with getting any extra documentation necessary to prove my case. Three and half years later, I am overjoyed to be finishing the legal process and beyond grateful to Gardner & Stevens for their excellent work! Thank you for listening to me and fighting for me when no one else would. Your services have changed my life and I commend you for your tireless efforts on my behalf! ❤️ 

– A.

“Thanks for being great lawyers!  Always great advice!”

– A.B. and D.B.

“My mother’s estate was handled with outstanding service. Both Attorney Gardner and the staff went out of their way for us to achieve our goals and settle the estate. They were always there with answers to our questions. Our calls were handled promptly and professionally. I will surely return again when I need legal services.”

– R.B.

“Thanks again to Gardner & Stevens for such great service. If I am ever needing a lawyer, I will definitely use your firm!”

– A.B. and D.B.

“I have gone to the office of Gardner & Stevens to deal with multiple issues. John Stevens has prepared our wills, but he has also helped us with job contracts. Recently, we had to have John deal with a fender-bender where the at-fault party was unwilling to pay. John was able to successfully handle this issue. We have found him to be dependable and also highly skilled. We believe John is the type of lawyer who is great at his job, but also knows your name. The Gardner & Stevens staff has been professional and courteous. We have also referred other friends to his office and they were happy with the referral. They told me John efficiently handled their issues and they didn’t feel like they were over billed. I personally went with one friend to John’s office as she needed some support as she was dealing with an emotional estate issue. John was very compassionate as my friend cried while discussing some sensitive details of the problem. I have waited way too long to say good things about John – who for years has been our most reliable source for legal advice.”


– K

“My experience with Gardner & Stevens in the handling of my mother’s estate was truly impressive. Very little was expected of me and the process went so smoothly, systematically. All transactions were documented, copies made and sent to me; I was notified via phone calls and correspondence of every step throughout the handling of the estate. Connie Stevens was wonderful. She was always friendly, cheerful, organized and attentive; no question or detail went unanswered – all concerns were addressed. I trust Gardner & Stevens and recommend them to all.”

– E.S.

“We thank you for your guidance and assistance in our Will and estate planning process.”

– D.S.

“I had the opportunity to use the services of Gardner and Stevens in the process of settling my dear mother’s estate. Connie helped make the process as smooth as can be expected, and never failed to answer my questions or address a sibling’s concern, both respectfully and in a timely fashion. I have nothing but a favorable review to offer and would heartedly recommend them to anyone whom may ask.”

– S.B.

“I hired Gardner & Stevens to handle the estate administration for my mother’s estate. Throughout it all, Connie Stevens was a friendly, extremely patient voice of reason. She answered by numerous questions in a timely manner and was always friendly and knowledgeable. I am grateful for her work on my behalf. The firm’s fees were appropriately set and documented, and I found the fees to be reasonable.

– C.C.

“Very pleased with your estate administration services.”

– J.S.

“Gardner & Stevens is such an amazing group. Mr. Stevens took his time to understand my personal injury case, and helped me through it every step of the way, along with his amazing staff. They always kept me in the loop and made sure to go through me before any decision was made. They were all so helpful and friendly, and I could not have asked for or dreamed of a better team. Thank you so much!”

– P.M.

“We thank Gardner & Stevens, P.C. for all their help in our estate planning and other matters.”

– D.S.

“I have been very pleased with your services. I found good lawyers in Gardner & Stevens for life.”

– M.K.

“Extremely pleased with your services in connection with my late husband’s estate. Would highly recommend your firm. Thank you so much.”

– M.M.

“We cannot thank Attorney Gardner enough for helping us at a difficult time. He was extremely helpful, answered all of our questions, and gave us a plan to proceed with confidence.”


– S.R. and E.H.

If you need lawyers in Lancaster, PA, that go a step above the rest, you can’t beat the team here at Gardner & Stevens.

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